How bosses keep track of your attendance at the office, from under-desk sensors to badge swipes


 In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been implementing return-to-office (RTO) mandates. However, not all employees are willing to comply with these mandates. To monitor compliance, companies have been using various surveillance tools, leading to increased attention on these technologies. Recently, EY conducted a survey of C-suite and business leaders in the US regarding their current data collection methods for optimizing office space. The survey revealed that the most commonly used methods include WiFi, badge swipes, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, digital cameras, and various types of sensors. Some companies have gone as far as using employee-tracking software to monitor keystrokes, activate microphones or webcams, and even gather data from high-tech water coolers.

While some companies use this data strictly for disciplinary purposes, there is potential to derive valuable insights from the vast amount of employee data collected. Francisco Acoba, co-lead of EY's Corporate Real Estate Consulting and Technology practice, highlighted the importance of understanding how, when, and why people utilize office spaces in developing informed hybrid workplace strategies. He also emphasized the need for a flexible approach that leverages insights and learning to continuously optimize the workplace.

In conclusion, the use of surveillance tools for monitoring office attendance is a growing trend. However, there is potential to leverage this data to create more efficient and adaptable workplace strategies in the future.  

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