How AI Can Supercharge Your Job Search


In my experience working in career services, I've observed that many students tend to either become overwhelmed by the job search process or oversimplify it, resulting in significant gaps. To address this, I developed a four-step model: Resume, Research, Network, and Search.

Step 1: Develop your resume and online profile. Utilize both AI and human guidance to create a strong resume and cover letter. AI tools can provide templates, edit content, and review materials against job descriptions, while human advisors can offer insight into career interests and skills.

Step 2: Do the research. AI can aggregate industry trends, suggest resources, and help explore specific roles and employers. Human support, such as career events and discussions with professionals, can complement AI-driven research efforts.

Step 3: Network, network, network. AI can assist in refining questions for informational interviews and suggest platforms for networking. However, building relationships and seeking advice from alumni, peers, and professionals in the field remain crucial.

Step 4: Search for jobs. AI tools can help identify job opportunities and streamline the application process, while human connections provide emotional support and serve as valuable sounding boards.

By combining the strengths of both AI and human guidance, job seekers can optimize each step of the process and maximize their results.  

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