Hi-tech CEO turned aide into sex slave, made her thank him for abuse: Lawsuit


A hi-tech CEO canned from a business software company is accused in a bombshell lawsuit of turning his assistant into a sex slave and sending her into “a dark abyss of unwanted sexual horror.”

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San Francisco-based Tradeshift axed CEO Christian Lanng in October for “gross misconduct on multiple grounds.”

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The company — which had a $1.1-billion valuation in 2018 — learned at the time about allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Lanng.

According to the San Jose Mercury-News, last week a woman — identified only as Jane Doe — sued the company and Lanng.

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Doe said in her lawsuit that within months of being hired as the tech titan’s executive assistant, she had been forced into signing a so-called “slave contract.” Years of sexual abuse and sadomasochistic torment followed, she alleged.

His kinks allegedly included: “Inflicting physical pain on her by various means, urinating on her and routinely penetrating her person with foreign objects.”

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The Mercury-News said Lanng could not be reached for comment but after he was whacked in October, he denied the allegations, claiming that there had been “no complaints” against him during his tenure.

Doe said she complained to the company’s HR department about the “slave contract” but they blew her off and, instead, she was fired in 2020.

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Filed with the lawsuit was the alleged nine-page slave contract that appears to have Lanng’s signature. Among the items on the contract:

— Doe should “always be sexually available for her master when he needs sex and to never refuse him sex even when not wearing the collar” and “Whenever she sees her master in private for the first time, she is to kneel and ask if there is anything she can do for him.”

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— She was free to “act independently as long as she remembers she is her master’s property and she is there to please him and for no other reason.”

— The contract outlines mandatory sex acts, the former slave should perform.

— She was required to dress in “a proper, feminine way, preferably skirts, dresses, and stockings,” keep her weight between 130 and 155 pounds, and note her weight weekly in a spreadsheet.

— The former slave was also required to wear her “day collar” when out with Lanng.

“The Master will work to shape the slave towards his goal of the perfect woman,” the purported contract said, adding that she was subject to any punishment Lanng saw fit. This included spanking, caning, slapping, humiliation, and electric shock. He admits a responsibility to avoid killing her or causing permanent harm.
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“The slave agrees to always take her punishments without being angry, sullen or frustrated with her master and thank him after,” the contract allegedly adds.

In the lawsuit, Doe claimed she was beaten “to the point of bleeding” and sexually abused her with “inanimate objects.” He also allegedly forced her to keep a submissive diary of her enslavement.

Doe adds that she loved her job and the opportunity Tradeshift provided.

The lawsuit mentions that Doe may not have been alone in suffering from sexual abuse at the hands of Lanng. In his LinkedIn profile, Lanng described himself as a “chief visionary.”

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