Are you actually good at your job, or are you just lucky?

 It seems that you've had a unique experience with perceiving meaningful connections and patterns in your life, particularly related to numbers and superstitions. Your reflection on apophenia, the tendency to perceive connections between unrelated things, is an interesting perspective.

It's fascinating how we, as humans, often seek patterns and connections in our environment, which can influence our beliefs and actions. Whether it's finding meaning in specific numbers, associating certain cues with positive or negative outcomes, or attributing success solely to our efforts, it's clear that our perception of control and predictability plays a significant role in our lives.

Your insights into the influence of cultural beliefs on your perception of numbers and superstitions, as well as the significance of 22:22 in your daily routine, are thought-provoking. Additionally, your acknowledgment of the role of randomness and chance in our lives and careers is important. Accepting the presence of randomness and embracing the unpredictability of life can indeed lead to a more open-minded and enriching perspective.

Overall, your reflections encourage a balanced consideration of the patterns and randomness in our lives, fostering a greater acceptance of the inherent unpredictability that adds depth and richness to our experiences.  

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