A Gen Xer making $344,000 secretly working 3 jobs got laid off from 2 of them. He said that's exactly why he was overemployed.


Joseph, a 48-year-old network engineer in Texas, recently experienced the relief of being laid off from two of his three full-time remote jobs. Last year, he earned a combined $344,000 from these roles, which he had kept secret from his employers, except for a few trusted colleagues. 

Despite the layoffs, he still holds one job, giving him a financial cushion and a sense of job security. His multiple incomes allowed him to pay off his mortgage, save for his children's college education, and build a retirement nest egg. However, maintaining three jobs had become unsustainable, and he felt relieved to focus on his remaining job, which he considers his true passion.

 Although it means a reduced income, Joseph feels financially secure and is dedicated to living debt-free and saving for retirement. He's not ruling out taking on additional jobs in the future, acknowledging the potential impermanence of his current employment.  

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