A former Google recruiter shares the 4 things that make you look really desperate when job searching


Navigating the job search process can be challenging, especially during times of uncertainty and increased competition. It's crucial to present yourself as a strong and motivated candidate, avoiding behaviors that could convey desperation and diminish your negotiating power. Here are four key ways to approach the job search process with tact and professionalism:

1. Build Authentic Relationships: Instead of sending generic messages requesting referrals, focus on establishing genuine connections with professionals in your desired field or company. Reach out to individuals with personalized, respectful messages expressing your interest in their work. Engage in thoughtful conversations and demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm for their industry or projects. Building meaningful connections can lead to future opportunities and referrals.

2. Practice Professional Discretion: During interviews, refrain from oversharing personal or unrelated information, such as details about past layoffs, financial struggles, or the absence of alternative job prospects. Keep the discussion centered on your qualifications and relevant experiences. Avoid disclosing sensitive personal matters that do not contribute to your candidacy. Maintaining a concise and professional approach can enhance your appeal to potential employers.

3. Strategic Approach to Job Offers: When presented with a job offer, take the time to review and consider it thoroughly. Avoid accepting immediately, as this can diminish your negotiating leverage. Politely express your interest and take a day or two to carefully evaluate the offer. Consider negotiating aspects such as salary, benefits, or vacation time, aligning your requests with the initial discussions during the hiring process. This positions you in a stronger negotiating position, and reasonable requests are often well-received by employers.

4. Professional Follow-Up: If facing delays or uncertainty during the hiring process, follow up with recruiters or hiring managers at appropriate intervals, typically once every one or two weeks. When reaching out, have a clear purpose for your communication, whether it's providing additional insights based on previous discussions or requesting specific updates. Be mindful of their communication preferences, while maintaining polite persistence to stay engaged in the hiring process.

By approaching the job search process with professionalism and strategic discretion, you can enhance your appeal to potential employers and position yourself for successful career opportunities.  

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