A former Disney recruiter’s No. 1 job interview tip: ‘Conciseness is key’

Job interviews typically consist of several rounds, with the initial round usually being a short conversation with a recruiter, followed by longer chats with potential supervisors and colleagues. Throughout these rounds, candidates can expect to answer questions about the relevance of their background to the position, how they would handle specific job scenarios and their career aspirations.

According to HR executive and former Disney recruiter Simon Taylor, candidates must keep their answers concise, aiming for about a minute of speaking time per response. Taylor emphasizes that brevity is important as it demonstrates respect for the interviewer's time, especially considering their busy schedules and numerous responsibilities. When candidates provide short and relevant answers, it signifies an understanding of the interviewer's time constraints and a willingness to assist them in making their job easier.

Furthermore, Taylor suggests that extended and unfocused responses can indicate a lack of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, potentially raising concerns about how the candidate might interact with others in the workplace.

In addition, Taylor recommends that candidates offer brief insights into additional topics they are prepared to discuss, allowing the interviewer to initiate further discussions on specific points of interest. Ultimately, interviewers will be attentive to signals that demonstrate the candidate possesses the necessary qualifications for the role and will follow up on relevant aspects during the interview process.

Therefore, providing teasers of other relevant topics and top-line accomplishments should suffice to convey the breadth of a candidate's professional background, leaving the door open for the interviewer to delve deeper into specific areas of interest.  

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