4 hacks to land a job at Disney: Insiders spill secrets for tackling recruiters' toughest interview questions and acing skills assessments


 Makall Lauren, a 23-year-old photographer at Walt Disney World in Orlando, shares her experience working at the magical company through her TikTok account @Magikall. She initially joined Disney through the College Program and has since gained over one million TikTok followers by offering insights into her job and using humor to showcase the Disney work environment.

Disney's College Program provides a pathway to full-time roles within the company, serving as an opportunity for participants to explore various positions across the business. In light of Disney's extensive workforce of over 200,000 employees, breaking into the company can be challenging. However, Disney's global presence and storied legacy make it an attractive destination for early-career workers in the entertainment industry.

According to Dan Green, director of the master of entertainment industry management program at Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College, a position at Disney can strongly benefit one's career due to the company's renowned brand and hiring policies. The hiring process at Disney varies based on the division and role being pursued. Recruiters play a pivotal role, guiding candidates through the hiring process and assessing their fit for specific roles within the company.

The interview process at Disney includes multiple rounds and entails a mix of personal, behavioral, and technical questions. Recruiters aim to gauge candidates' skills, problem-solving abilities, and their connection to Disney's culture and history. Potential hires are often asked about their passion for Disney and their favorite aspects of the company, such as parks, rides, or entertainment content.

Candidates may also undergo practical assessments relevant to their prospective roles, such as script coverage assignments, technical problem-solving exercises, or creative tasks. Throughout the process, displaying curiosity about the role, the company, and the industry is encouraged, as it demonstrates a genuine interest in contributing to Disney's success.

In summary, breaking into Disney involves engaging with recruiters, showcasing a deep understanding of Disney's culture and history, and demonstrating the skills and passion necessary to contribute to the company's continuing success.  

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