3 people who've secretly worked multiple remote jobs explain the top things to look for in overemployment roles

 Many Americans have managed to retain multiple remote jobs, earning them the title of "over-employed." This practice is not illegal but could breach employment contracts and lead to termination. However, the potential rewards have seen some individuals earn over $300,000 a year, allowing them to pay off debts, save for their children's education, and plan for early retirement. Finding the right job, especially with more companies now requiring some in-person attendance, is crucial for those holding multiple remote positions. Three individuals, who have been over-employed, shared insights on what to look for in a new role.

John, a millennial IT professional in California, has earned over $300,000 this year across two full-time remote jobs, achieving substantial savings. He emphasized the importance of finding a job with flexible hours and minimal overlap with a second job, suggesting that global companies with distributed teams across multiple time zones are accommodating to employees' schedules. He also pointed out that companies with flexible working arrangements for parents can be a good fit, recommending job boards like Remote.co and Remotejobs.io for finding remote roles.

Justin, an IT engineer in his 50s, earned over $300,000 last year working three full-time remote jobs. For someone considering a second job, Justin advised focusing on a role where they excel, highlighting the importance of being proficient in the job's requirements and not requiring extensive training. He mentioned that initially excelling at the job can be beneficial, providing the leeway to occasionally miss meetings or deadlines.

Joseph, a network engineer in his late 40s, earned $344,000 last year from three full-time remote jobs. He believes the IT industry is conducive to over employment due to the flexibility in working hours and work output-focused management. Joseph also suggested that having a trusted friend at one or both jobs can help avoid suspicion.

Collectively, they highlighted the importance of finding the right job with flexible hours, excelling in the role, and leveraging professional networks to balance multiple remote jobs.  

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