The latest workplace request from Gen Z: legal services


As a member of Gen Z entering the workforce, you're seeking a fulfilling and balanced career, with a particular interest in the legal field. This interest aligns with the findings of a MetLife study indicating that 84% of Gen Z workers are interested in accessing legal services provided by their employers. The study also identified a growing concern among Gen Zers for peace of mind, particularly in relation to legal and financial matters, with 40% considering legal benefits a "must-have."

Young workers, including Gen Z, are increasingly recognizing the financial implications of legal issues and are looking for affordable solutions. The rising demand for legal services as an employee benefit is linked to the financial pressures felt by many Gen Z workers, including those with side hustles, as well as concerns about student debt.

The need for legal assistance has intensified among all age groups since the onset of the pandemic, but younger workers have been particularly affected. The pandemic prompted many young renters to seek legal guidance for lease terminations and contract cancellations due to postponed events. Additionally, the growing number of Gen Z caregivers for aging relatives is also contributing to the need for legal support.

Legal benefits encompass a wide range of services, from reproductive needs to real estate planning, and are expected to expand to include advice for workers with side hustles, such as those running online shops. Despite the substantial benefits, the cost of these legal services for employees is estimated to be around $18 per month.

The insights gained from surveying nearly 2,900 adult workers in the US reveal a significant and growing interest in legal services as an employee benefit, particularly among younger workers. This trend reflects the evolving needs and priorities of the modern workforce, and it emphasizes the importance of accessible and affordable legal assistance in the workplace.  

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