The Cities People In America And Worldwide Want To Move To Most, Mapped


If you could move to any city in the world, which one would you pick? If your answer is Dubai, you've got something in common with people in 60 countries across the globe, according to a new study.

To find out which cities people in the US and elsewhere dream of relocating to the most, Remitly analyzed Google search data for the term "move to [city]" in 164 countries between October 2022 and September 2023. The city that received the most searches in a given country was considered that country's most popular destination.

Key Findings:

  • Dubai is by far the most popular city in the study, with 60 countries — including the USUK, and Canada — most interested in relocating there.

  • The second-most desirable destination is Miami, which tops the list of 12 countries worldwide, followed by Paris, with 10 countries.

  • When it comes to out-of-state cities in the US, New York and Portland are tied for first place. According to Remitly's research, both cities are the most searched-for locations in 12 states each.

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world cities americans want move to map

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