The best and worst career advice I ever got


Over the past 35 years, I've received some valuable career advice that has shaped my professional journey. One crucial nugget of wisdom I picked up is the concept of "riding your strengths." Rather than focusing on improving your weaknesses, it's better to enhance your natural talents relative to others and pursue careers that capitalize on these strengths. 

Another vital piece of advice is to "be the CEO of your career," emphasizing that the sole person in charge of your career is you. Additionally, I learned the importance of "kissing the ring," which taught me to take ownership of my actions rather than blaming others and to improve my attitude and performance as necessary.

On the flip side, I've also encountered questionable career advice, such as "follow your bliss," which suggests that doing what you love will lead to financial success. For me, this approach wasn't effective, as I struggled to identify my true passion and needed to address more pressing concerns like employment and skill development. Ultimately, the most impactful advice I received was from my former Wall Street boss, Jonathan Morgan, who urged me to "make it happen." 

This directive highlighted the significance of not just generating ideas, but also executing them, emphasizing that the responsibility to effect positive change lies with the individual. This empowering guidance has given me the freedom and accountability to drive my own success and contribute positively to my job, career, and community.  

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