I'm a trained chef working towards a hospitality career in Miami. It's all about creating an experience — and faking it 'til you make it.

Since childhood, I've been captivated by the culinary world, constantly immersed in cookbooks and Food Network shows. Instead of pursuing a traditional college path, I delved straight into the restaurant industry at 18, starting with an unpaid internship through my high school's alumni network. This experience provided a crash course in professional kitchens, challenging me to adapt to industrial appliances and the demanding pace of the culinary world.

Subsequently, I landed a role in a commissary kitchen and later pursued formal culinary education at Johnson & Wales University. The culinary school expanded my knowledge in mixology, hospitality, pastry arts, international cuisine, and food sourcing. Balancing my studies with work in a small restaurant and later a vast catering setting at Brown University provided diverse experiences that broadened my understanding of the industry.

However, the pandemic disrupted my routine in 2020, prompting a shift to private chef work, providing valuable exposure to this aspect of the culinary world and reinforcing my passion for it. Following the completion of my culinary arts degree, I contributed to the opening of a new restaurant, honing my skills in a high-paced environment.

Despite enrolling in a creative writing program at Columbia University, my heart remains in cooking. As I approach graduation, I aspire to continue working as a private chef, exploring recipe development, and pursuing opportunities in publishing.

Throughout my journey, one piece of advice has consistently resonated with me: the learning process in the culinary world is never complete, regardless of experience.  

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