I spent years working towards my dream job at JPMorgan in Singapore. But 2 years after I got it, I quit — here's why.

After discovering the world of finance through Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" at 16, I was inspired to pursue a career in finance. I attended the National University of Singapore Business School, where I received a scholarship and engaged in various finance-related internships and activities. 

Landing a position at JPMorgan fulfilled my aspirations, and the initial experience was fantastic. During my second year, I became involved in volunteering for client events, and my exposure to impact investing left a lasting impression.

Witnessing groundbreaking technologies and the potential for impact investing at JPMorgan's events in China and Kuala Lumpur broadened my perspective on the markets and solidified my desire to be part of a growth sector. However, the demanding work culture and the absence of work-life balance in the banking industry eventually led me to reconsider my career path.  

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