Americans extend their holiday travel in remote work era


Americans are leveraging a longer travel period for Thanksgiving, departing earlier and returning later to avoid traffic and enjoy more time with loved ones. The trend reflects the impact of remote work on holiday plans, with around 70% of people who can work remotely choosing to do so at least some days per week. This flexibility allows individuals to extend holiday travel, and escape traffic or adverse weather conditions. However, it's important to note that the majority of Americans still work in person, and schools are open during the first part of Thanksgiving week. Despite this, there has been a shift in travel patterns, with the Friday before Thanksgiving surpassing the Wednesday as a popular travel day in 2022.

TSA data shows a significant increase in the number of screened passengers on the Friday before Thanksgiving compared to 2019. Notably, remote work has reshaped holiday experiences for many, providing the opportunity to spend more quality time with family. Some individuals are even extending their Thanksgiving celebrations by several weeks to spend time with loved ones in different parts of the country, a lifestyle made possible by remote work.

This trend reflects the profound impact on family dynamics and relationships. Spending more time with family has been shown to provide a great deal of meaning and fulfillment for 83% of American adults, as found by a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. While the holiday season can bring its own set of challenges, the increased time with family offers a sense of connection and support for many individuals.  

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