A Fake Degree, a No-Show and a Flip-Flopping Founder: These Recruiters Have Seen It All

John Touey from the Salveson Stetson Group shared a story from the early 2000s where they encountered a candidate who went to great lengths to falsify his bachelor's degree. The candidate tried to bribe a registrar employee at a university and even attempted to impersonate an alum working for the client's company. Despite these actions, the candidate was well-liked by the client and held a senior-level position.

At Rust Belt Recruiting, Taylor Evans recounted a peculiar incident where a candidate mistakenly interviewed with Panera Bread instead of their client after being instructed to meet at the local Panera for an interview. This mix-up resulted in the candidate getting hired by Panera instead.

Kelsey Buterbaugh from Robert Walters shared a story about a startup founder who exhibited unprofessional behavior, including hiring and firing the same person multiple times, crossing personal boundaries, and exhibiting indecisiveness. Despite the challenges, the candidate ultimately landed a position at the startup, only to be let go after a brief three-month period.  

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