7 weird jobs that are well-paying but nobody knows about, according to a viral Reddit thread


A Reddit user asked for lesser-known but high-paying jobs, prompting an influx of responses from thousands of users. Business Insider then compiled the top answers based on upvotes. Here are some of the unique and lucrative jobs that were mentioned:

1. Dental CAD/CAM Technician: This professional uses specialized software to design dental restorations such as crowns and bridges. According to a Reddit user, a dental CAD/CAM technician can work remotely and earn a substantial income. Another user mentioned that their husband, a dentist, employs a high-end crown lab technician who commands a high fee due to the exceptional quality of their work.

2. Ice Sculptor: An individual shared that they met a professional ice sculptor who earns a significant income by creating ice sculptures for corporate events and weddings. Additionally, another user noted that a colleague's husband, who is both an ice sculptor and a chef, operates a catering business, strengthening his earning potential.

3. Scent Tester: One user mentioned their sister-in-law, who is a scent tester for Yankee Candle, where her role involves sniffing scented wax to ensure quality. Other users also shared similar roles in sensory testing for companies such as Heineken and in the beer industry.

4. Artificial Flavor Maker: Described by a Reddit user, this job involves creating artificial flavors for various products, and can be financially rewarding. Another user, identifying as an analytical chemist, emphasized the complexity of this role, such as ensuring consistent quality in natural flavors despite sourcing variations.

5. Urban Bat Tracker: This entails monitoring and studying bat populations within city environments, contributing to vital research for urban ecosystem conservation. A Reddit user outlined the job's blend of scientific research and solitude, noting decent pay and the niche expertise required.

6. Hand Pollinator: Individuals in this role manually pollinate plants, particularly those with narrow windows for pollination or harvesting. Seasonal work as a hand pollinator was shared by a Reddit user, highlighting the importance of delicacy and speed in handling plants like saffron and vanilla orchids.

7. Pine Cone Harvester: A past pine cone harvester shared their experiences of gathering pine cones brought by helicopters for the purpose of tree germination. Despite the pay being described as fair, challenges such as dealing with resin deter many from this line of work.

These unconventional jobs offer unique opportunities for individuals seeking lucrative careers in specialized fields.  

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