Where Americans are moving

 In 2022, recent data from the U.S. Census reveals that approximately 820,000 individuals have relocated from California, while around 550,000 have moved out of New York. These numbers contribute to the overall figure of more than 8 million Americans who have made interstate moves during the same year. 

This trend holds significance as it highlights the impact of the rising cost of living in pricy coastal areas, prompting people to seek more affordable options elsewhere. The data also suggests that this trend is likely to continue in the coming years, with four out of ten Californians and three out of ten New Yorkers expressing their consideration to relocate out of state.

A noteworthy observation is that many individuals opting for relocation are choosing Florida or Texas as their destination. These two states experienced the largest inflow of people in 2022. However, concerns among Texans about their state being influenced by Californian values may not be warranted. 

The data indicates that Democrats tend to move to states leaning more towards the blue side, while Republicans tend to opt for states leaning towards the red side of the political spectrum.  

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