Top 10 jobs workers most likely to cheat - and the most faithful

 Cheating on your partner at work is surprisingly common but there are some industries that are statistically more likely to stray from their partner than others. And given people spend so much time there, it's no surprise it can also be a way to escape from home life.

Roughly 85 percent of affairs begin in the workplace according to research, with one in five employees confessing to being unfaithful to a colleague.

Now, a new survey by UK online gaming company RANT Casino has found that an astonishing 43 percent of workers admit to having an affair with a colleague.

The majority happen in the workplace (25 percent) with work events (21 percent), trips away (14 percent), and meetings outside of work (17 percent) also listed as places people strayed from their relationships.

Cheating in the workplace: Woman kissing concerned man in a business suit
Late nights at the office, long work trips, and boozy office parties - roughly 85% of affairs begin in the workplace, with one in five employees confessing to cheating with a colleague. (Source: Getty)

And it may be a hard pill to swallow but if you have a partner working in certain industries, then statistically they are more likely to cheat on you.

The report revealed that those in sales are most likely to be unfaithful to someone they work with.

"Often with irregular working hours and numerous work functions, or networking events to attend, this places the industry at the forefront as a prime breeding ground for infidelity," the research reported.

Professions Most Likely to Cheat

  1. Sales - 14.5%

  2. Teacher, training, and education - 13.7%

  3. Healthcare - 12.5%

  4. Transport and logistics - 9.8%

  5. Hospitality and events management - 7.7%

  6. Engineering and manufacturing - 6.6%

  7. Property and construction - 5.5%

  8. Accountancy, banking, and finance - 5.4%

  9. Information technology - 4.6%

  10. Armed Forces - 4%

On the flip side, partners of those working in science and pharmaceuticals, business management, and law enforcement can breathe a sigh of relief, with the three being the most faithful professions among all 25 industries analyzed.

Professions Least Likely to Cheat

  1. Science and pharmaceuticals - 0.1%

  2. Business, consulting, and management - 0.1%

  3. Law enforcement and security - 0.2%

  4. Creative arts and design - 0.4%

  5. Media and internet - 0.5%

  6. Law/Legal - 0.5%

  7. Environment and agriculture - 0.6%

  8. Marketing, advertising, and PR - 0.9%

  9. Public services and administration - 1.3%

  10. Retail - 1.4%

Chart showing whether workplace infidelity came to light from a recent survey by RANT Casino
A surprising 22.2% (561 individuals) have been sneaky enough to keep their illicit act under the radar while 17% got caught due to someone at work exposing their clandestine behavior. (Source: Supplied)
Chart showing where workplace infidelity took place and what type of an affair it was from a recent survey by RANT Casino
From casual office banter to regular coffee breaks, the recent survey discovered a substantial 24.8% (408 individuals) have confessed that infidelity started within the workplace. But the 25% said it was just flirting. (Source: Supplied)

However, if your partner does work in one of the high-risk professions take heart in the fact that flirting with a colleague, having developed romantic feelings for someone at work, and having a ‘work wife’ or ‘work husband’ counted as infidelity in the survey.

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