The 3 skills you need to have to grow your career in the age of AI, according to Databricks VP


In today's rapidly evolving world of technology and artificial intelligence, it is crucial to embrace three mindset shifts to ensure career success. As the Vice President of a prominent data and AI platform, I frequently encounter executives seeking guidance on how to navigate the impact of generative AI (GenAI) on their workforce and employees. To thrive in the age of AI, it is essential to adopt these three key changes in mindset:

1. Embrace Discomfort and Adaptability: With the rapid advancement of AI, jobs that were once considered secure may now be at risk of automation. To stay relevant, it is crucial to step out of your comfort zone and anticipate how your current role may evolve in the coming years. Seek feedback from diverse sources, engage in discussions, and actively challenge yourself to adapt to new challenges. By embracing discomfort and constantly pushing your boundaries, you can better prepare yourself for the inevitable changes in the job market.

2. Leverage Human Connections: Ironically, as GenAI proliferates, the qualities that make us uniquely human become even more valuable. While AI can enhance productivity, it also empowers others with similar capabilities. To stand out, focus on leveraging human interactions and building meaningful connections. Invest in public speaking, attend conferences, and actively network to differentiate yourself in the real world. By developing your interpersonal skills and adding value beyond what AI can offer, you can establish a competitive advantage in your career.

3. Embrace Lifelong Learning: The career landscape is rapidly changing, and skills that were once highly sought after may become obsolete. To thrive in this environment, it is important to cultivate a growth mindset and continuously retool your skillset. Take classes and explore subjects outside of your comfort zone to gain new perspectives and expand your knowledge. Avoid relying solely on past success and be open to exploring new opportunities and ideas. By embracing continuous learning and remaining adaptable, you can stay ahead of the curve and navigate the ever-shifting job market successfully.

In conclusion, the rise of AI and GenAI presents both challenges and tremendous opportunities for career growth. By adapting to discomfort, leveraging human connections, and embracing lifelong learning, you can position yourself for success in the age of AI. So, focus on developing your soft skills, cultivating adaptability, and embracing change to thrive in this new era of technological advancement.  

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