Stop Procrastinating In Your Career, With These 6 Ways To Get Unstuck

When it comes to your career, procrastination can lead to regret. So how do you overcome procrastination? It's important to acknowledge that everyone procrastinates. We all have tasks that we know we need to do, but instead, we distract ourselves with other things. However, by procrastinating in your career, you can miss out on personal growth, new challenges, and potential salary increases. So, how can you get unstuck and stop procrastinating in your career? Here are six coaching strategies to help you:

1. Use Your Memory to Get Unstuck: Remember what you want to achieve and what you're capable of. Focus on your goals and use your past successes as motivation to move forward.

2. Create Good Habits: Instead of focusing on what you shouldn't do, frame your messages and actions in a positive way. Focus on what needs to be done, and form good habits by consistently taking action.

3. Drop Unhelpful Stories: Avoid clinging to the idea that "that's just how I am." Recognize that you have the capacity to change and grow. Be open to new possibilities and avoid using fixed identities as an excuse for procrastination.

4. Take the First Step: Don't let uncertainty hold you back. Embrace the unknown and be willing to take the first step toward your goals. Often, the next steps will reveal themselves once you start.

5. Make Commitment Easier: Find ways to make commitment more accessible and appealing. Let go of impractical or unhelpful past experiences and focus on what will serve you in the future.

6. Encourage Yourself to Win: Instead of criticizing or being hard on yourself, embrace a positive and encouraging mindset. Believe in your capabilities and focus on finding what's right rather than dwelling on mistakes.

Identify where you're currently procrastinating in your career and reflect on what's holding you back. Whether it's asking for a promotion, setting boundaries, or making a career change, remember that you have the ability to take action. Remind yourself of your capabilities, find ways to make the journey easier, and always be willing to take that first step towards progress.  

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