McDonald’s HR exec says to ignore this common piece of career advice: ‘You might surprise yourself’


Career advice isn't always reliable. The popular saying "If you find something you love, you'll never work a day in your life" can create unrealistic expectations. It suggests that your dream job will be stress-free and that any job you're not immediately excited about isn't worth pursuing. Tiffanie Boyd, McDonald's Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer for the U.S. urges people to disregard this advice when evaluating job offers.

Boyd, 50, believes that sometimes it's more advantageous to take a job you don't necessarily want. Even if it's not your dream job, saying "yes" to an opportunity can open doors in your career. It can lead to learning new skills, exploring new cities, or meeting valuable mentors. By keeping an open mind, many beneficial opportunities can arise.

So how do you determine if a job offer is worth accepting? Boyd recommends creating a pros and cons list for the offer and answering important questions. Consider what you will learn in the role and how it will challenge you. Assess whether it will help you develop the skills necessary to achieve your long-term career goals. However, if accepting the job offer could negatively impact your finances, personal relationships, or mental health, it's never worth it, according to Boyd.

On the other hand, if these issues aren't a concern, and the job provides growth opportunities that can elevate your career, Boyd advises giving it a chance. Nothing has to be permanent, and you might surprise yourself by finding something you truly love or excel at. Taking that chance is the only way to find out.  

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