I'm the 'world's sexiest athlete' but being selected for my country gets me JUST $700! My Instagram and TikTok is all that keeps me going

German track and field athlete Alica Schmidt, known for her success on the track as well as her social media presence, has shed light on the financial struggles faced by many athletes in her sport. Despite reaching the highest level of competition, Schmidt revealed that she earns very little from athletics. In a TikTok video, she explained that as a member of the national team, she receives a modest monthly stipend of €700 from Sporthilfe, which is not enough to make a living.

Schmidt also mentioned that some athletes receive a small sum from their clubs, but it is often insufficient to cover their expenses. In fact, she disclosed that athletes sometimes have to pay additional costs, such as travel and accommodations, to participate in competitions since these expenses are not always covered. This financial reality forces many athletes to pursue other means of income to support themselves.

Schmidt has found an additional source of income through her social media presence. With millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, she has managed to monetize her platforms and generate extra income. She expressed gratitude for being able to earn money through social media, as it allows her to focus on her athletic career without needing a second job.

Despite her success and young age, Schmidt is also preparing for her future beyond the track. She is currently studying media and communications management, positioning herself well for a career after athletics. While she acknowledges the financial challenges faced by athletes, she remains committed to her passion for the sport and is determined to make the most of her athletic career while also preparing for what comes next.  

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