How to land a job in artificial intelligence and cash in on the hype


The rise of generative AI technology has led to increasing job opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence. Companies across various industries are looking to hire professionals with AI skills and experience to capitalize on the AI hype. Here are some tips from hiring leaders at IBM, Nvidia, Hugging Face, and Jasper on how to increase your chances of landing an AI-related job:

1. Highlight your AI skills and past projects on your résumé: When applying for AI roles, make sure to include relevant skills such as math proficiency, programming, deep learning, algorithms, and data handling. Technical companies like Nvidia also value expertise in AI infrastructure, such as utilizing graphic processing units. Demonstrating previous work through examples and GitHub projects can showcase your technical expertise and alignment with the company's mission.

2. Show your interest and knowledge in AI during the interview: Prepare to discuss your interest in generative AI and demonstrate that you understand the technology. Differentiate yourself by showcasing your experience with generative AI tools like ChatGPT. This is particularly important for client-facing roles, as it indicates your immersion in the industry. Keeping up with AI research papers, AI forums, and online courses can also demonstrate curiosity and a desire to continuously learn.

3. Use AI tools responsibly: While AI tools like ChatGPT can assist in creating resumes and cover letters, ensure that the AI-generated content accurately reflects your qualities. Double-check for accuracy and avoid using AI during interviews to answer questions, as it may be seen as an unethical practice. Recruiters value authenticity and motivation, so be mindful of how you present yourself.

4. Don't hesitate to apply, even if you don't meet all job requirements: Many AI job listings may prioritize candidates with traditional degrees in computer science or engineering. However, hiring leaders emphasize the importance of skills and experiences over formal education. Highlight your foundational understanding of AI, whether through applying AI to your workflows or completing industry-recognized online courses. Non-conventional backgrounds can be advantageous, especially if you can clearly communicate your unique strengths, career milestones, leadership capabilities, and the impact of your previous projects.

In summary, to increase your chances of landing an AI job, showcase your AI skills and past projects on your résumé, demonstrate your interest and knowledge during interviews, use AI tools responsibly, and don't shy away from applying even if you lack traditional qualifications. Emphasize skills, experiences, and a genuine passion for AI to stand out in the competitive job market.  

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