'World's hottest cop' banned from Tinder


An Instagram model, dubbed the “world’s hottest cop,” has been banned from Tinder because the dating app doesn’t believe she’s real, the New York Post reported.

Adrienne Koleszar, 38, rose to social media fame after posting sexy snapshots on her Instagram page.

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The German beauty’s steamy shots helped her gain 521,000 followers but got her in hot water with her boss, leading her to quit her job with the police force.

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“I didn’t do anything other than just looking and swiping through the pictures,” Koleszar reportedly told CEN-T4. “I have no idea why my account was then blocked.”

The former cop reportedly turned to Tinder after breaking up with her boyfriend in 2019.

Her Tinder account has been rejected twice by the dating app, claiming she was impersonating herself with the account.

Tinder’s community guidelines ban users who create a fake account or pretend to be someone else.

Koleszar said hasn’t had any luck regaining access to the dating app, but it isn’t in a rush to be in a relationship.

“I think it may be a sign from the universe and everything is good the way it is,” she reportedly said.

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