Most company executives don't care if employees use ChatGPT to do a second job – as long as they get their work done


According to a survey conducted by edX, an education platform, a significant number of executives are open to their employees using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, such as ChatGPT, to improve their job performance. Out of the 800 executives surveyed, 82% agreed that if employees can utilize AI to complete their tasks more efficiently, they would be willing to let them work multiple jobs. The perception seems to be that as long as the work gets done, the use of AI should not be a concern.

The survey also indicated that executives value AI skills and are willing to reward employees who possess them. 83% of the executives believed that workers with AI skills should receive higher compensation than those without such skills, while 74% stated that AI-fluent employees should be promoted more often. Executives hold these beliefs partly because they expect AI-skilled workers to deliver higher-quality work or produce larger quantities of work within shorter timeframes. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 73% of executives believed that individuals knowledgeable in AI would have a higher probability of being promoted to CEO, while 85% believed that future CEOs would possess AI expertise.

The growing acceptance of AI tools like ChatGPT by business leaders reflects their recognition of the potential to save time and increase productivity. Since its release in November, workers across various industries have been utilizing ChatGPT to perform tasks such as coding, marketing, and creating lesson plans. This increasing demand for AI skills has led companies, including Amazon, Netflix, Meta, and those in the education and medical sectors, to offer substantial salaries of up to $900,000 to attract employees with generative AI experience.

In some cases, executives have actively encouraged their employees to acquire AI skills to benefit their organizations. For example, Akash Nigam, CEO and founder of avatar-tools company Genies, provided ChatGPT Plus accounts to all 120 of his employees, stating that those "using AI effectively" would be eligible for promotions and salary raises.

Overall, the survey conducted by edX affirms that a majority of executives believe AI will be transformative in the workplace and recognize the value of AI skills in driving performance and organizational success.  

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