More tech companies take White House AI safety pledge


Several tech companies, including IBM, Adobe, Salesforce, Nvidia, Palantir, Stability AI, Cohere, and Scale AI, are voluntarily committing to safety, security, and transparency standards in their use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

These commitments, similar to those made by other companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Meta in July, demonstrate a growing industry momentum toward adopting these voluntary standards.

 Although these commitments are not legally binding, the companies are agreeing to various measures, such as conducting internal and external testing before product release, labeling AI-generated content using watermarking or other technology, and sharing information about risks and vulnerabilities with each other and the federal government. 

These commitments are part of the Biden administration's strategy, which also includes an executive order currently in the drafting process and legislative efforts. Adobe is encouraging the new signers and other tech companies to support the FAIR Act, a proposed bill aimed at preserving individuals' 

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