Leaders, your Gen Z and millennial employees might quit in 2024. Here’s why


The Work Reimagined Survey conducted by Ernst & Young (EY) reveals that there is a growing disconnect between what employees want and what employers are providing in the wake of lockdowns. According to the survey, 34% of employees are likely to leave their current jobs within the next year, with Gen Z and millennials showing higher tendencies to quit at 38% and 37% respectively. 

The top concern for employees is pay, while employers prioritize attracting and retaining talent over pay. Furthermore, there is a disparity in the perception of profit pressure, with 61% of companies reporting it but only 47% of employees agreeing. The issue of remote work is also contentious, with 47% of companies wanting employees to be in the office for at least two or three days a week, while half of employees prefer to come in only once a week and 34% would like to work fully remotely. 

Another notable finding is that while 49% of employees expect to use AI in their jobs in the next month, 84% of employers anticipate AI to be a regular part of their operations. Surprisingly, only a minority of employers (22%) and employees (17%) consider training in AI to be a priority. The report emphasizes the need for leaders to view the current situation as an opportunity to revitalize their workforce strategies, aiming to strike the right balance between technological advancements and a people-centric, agile, and resilient approach.  

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