Intuit Launches Generative A.I. 'Assistant' to Help With AccountingThe company's new A.I. chatbot is designed to work in conjunction with accounting professionals.

 Intuit, the financial software company, has recently introduced Intuit Assist, an AI-powered chatbot aimed at helping small businesses with their bookkeeping tasks. This generative AI chatbot is designed to generate insights about business owners' finances and provide guidance on issues such as cash flow and expenses.

 It can create reports, offer suggestions for improving cash flow, and even draft and send reminders for unpaid invoices. Intuit's CEO, Sasan Goodarzi, believes that this assistant will facilitate financial success for small businesses and consumers. In cases where the assistant cannot address certain problems, it will seamlessly connect users to human experts via text chat, video call, or screen sharing. 

This tool can also be used in Mailchimp, Intuit's digital marketing platform, to make data-backed decisions for messaging and content creation. Although it is still in the beta testing phase, Intuit plans to roll out Intuit Assist to its millions of users over the next few months.

 There are already similar services available, but many of them require the use of QuickBooks for bookkeeping. For instance, Pilot, a startup-focused bookkeeping provider, combines AI-powered software with human accountants, fractional CFOs, and tax specialists to assist small companies in building a strong financial foundation.  

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