Google gives hundreds of pink slips in latest round of layoffs


In the latest round of layoffs to hit the tech world, Google gave pink slips to a few hundred members of its recruiting staff around the globe.

“As we’ve said, we continue to invest in top engineering and technical talent while also meaningfully slowing the pace of our overall hiring,” Courtenay Mencini, a spokesperson for the Mountain View-based company, said in a statement emailed to SFGATE on Friday morning. “In line with this, the volume of requests for our recruiters has gone down. In order to continue our important work to ensure we operate efficiently, we’ve made the hard decision to reduce the size of our recruiting team.”

The New York Times reported that the company delivered news of the layoffs at a global all-hands meeting for recruiting staff Wednesday.

“We’re supporting everyone impacted with a transition period, outplacement services, and severance as they look for new opportunities here at Google and beyond,” Mencini said.

The layoffs do not seem to be the start of wide-scale layoffs, according to Semafor.

This staffing reduction comes after Google and its parent company, Alphabet, let some 12,000 employees go in January. The company tightened its belt further in April and slashed some office perks, such as closing some snack bars. In June, employees were let go from the traffic-predicting navigation company Waze, which Google purchased in 2013.

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