3 reasons to do informational interviews, say career experts: They can make you ‘better at your job’


Informational interviews are valuable opportunities for career growth and learning within the world of work. Unlike formal job interviews, informational interviews are informal chats that can take place at any time. They provide a chance to connect with individuals within or outside your company who can help fill knowledge gaps and expand your understanding.

When conducting an informational interview, it is essential to introduce yourself briefly and express your interest in having a conversation about a specific topic or area of interest. This can be done through platforms like LinkedIn or email, where you can request a 20- or 30-minute coffee or phone chat. 

Engaging in informational interviews offers several benefits. First, it helps you understand your company better by providing insights into different business functions throughout the organization. This broader perspective can enhance problem-solving skills and overall job performance. Additionally, when conducting interviews with professionals in your industry, you can gain a deeper understanding of how various players collaborate to meet customer needs and discover alternative problem-solving approaches. Exploring interviews outside your industry can broaden your perspective and assist you in considering a career shift.

It's important to approach informational interviews with the intention of learning and professional development, rather than expecting immediate job opportunities. Through these conversations, you may discover new areas of focus or industries that pique your interest. Building relationships with interviewees can also open doors to future job opportunities or the potential for mentorship.

Overall, informational interviews offer a low-stakes environment for information sharing. Even if your objective is solely to learn something new, the insights gained can be invaluable for personal and professional growth.  

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