Toymaker Mattel says it will pay someone nearly $18,000 to play and promote its new Uno game


Mattel, the renowned toy company, is currently offering an exciting job opportunity as a "chief Uno player". This unique position involves promoting a new game called Uno Quatro, a variation on the classic card game Uno, where players try to match four in a row using plastic tiles on a grid. The hired individual will be responsible for starring in live streams, playing the game with influencers, and teaching strangers how to play in an engaging way.

The role requires the candidate to be friendly and willing to approach strangers to play the game. Additionally, they should have the ability to sit for long periods, lift and carry 50 pounds, and set up playing tables and tents on location. The Uno games will take place at Pier 17 in the Seaport neighborhood of New York, which is conveniently located near a pink-themed café promoting Mattel's popular movie "Barbie."

Apart from promoting Uno Quatro, the chief Uno player will also be involved in creating social media content for various Uno games. The emphasis on social media can be seen in the unique application process, which requires candidates to apply for the job via TikTok. Interested individuals must film themselves answering four simple questions, including their favorite reverse card moment, a strategic move in the Uno game.

Applicants have until August 10 to submit their TikTok applications, and the role is set to begin on September 13. This exciting opportunity allows individuals to showcase their love for Uno while promoting the game and engaging with a diverse audience.   

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