This tech company’s ‘chief parent officer’ works to keep kids safe online. 4 things she wants you to know

Titania Jordan, Chief Parent Officer at Bark Technologies, plays a vital role in promoting online safety for children and advocating for expansive policies on tech safety. She understands the struggles young people face today due to the infinite connections technology provides. 
With compassion and empathy, she helps parents understand the benefits and drawbacks of online connections. Jordan emphasizes the importance of research, as excessive screen time is linked to poorer mental and physical health. Additionally, open communication with children about their online consumption is crucial, starting at a young age. 
Rather than punishing or limiting access, parents should create a safe space for children to discuss their experiences and navigate the digital world. Modeling healthy habits, such as setting boundaries for screen time and practicing good sleep hygiene, is also essential. Jordan advises parents to have meaningful conversations before downloading new platforms and discussing potential risks, such as exposure to inappropriate content or the fear of missing out. 
Lastly, she encourages parents to use their own social media experiences as teachable moments, discussing the emotions and intentions behind their posts and highlighting the need to use social media intentionally and authentically.   

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