Sporty female athletes show their sexy sides on OnlyFans


OnlyFans isn’t just for models, influencers, and former teachers looking for more than a side hustle.

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The internet content subscription service has become the place to host other content creators who want to show they aren’t one-trick ponies.

Athletes have turned to OnlyFans to share their passions and build their fan bases — and many are now making a killing on the site.

Sexy sports stars are garnering attention thanks to sharing and selling intimate, erotic images on the platform.

But some are also putting a spotlight on the No. 1 thing that drives them: their respective sports. Here are some athletes you can currently find on OnlyFans:

Paige VanZant

The scrappy sexpot went from brawling to bawdy when she joined OnlyFans to give her legion of fans hot content, including training videos that could be seen nowhere else.

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The former UFC fighter, who moved to bare-knuckle fighting before dabbling in wrestling, had previously turned up her nose at the subscription-based platform but realized she wanted to share the side of her “that’s extremely girly and feminine.”

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Erica Fontaine

Not only does the gymnast post erotic content, but Fontaine also interacts with fans that send her messages on the site. What more could a subscriber want?

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Alysha Newman

The track and field star won the World Indoor Tour in England earlier this year in her specialty, the pole vault, and earlier this month, she earned her fifth national title and set a championship record in Hungary.

The London, Ont., native revealed she was sexualized in the sport by what she wore and how she looked so she joined OnlyFans to control the narrative.

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Ebanie Bridges

The Australian boxer, known as the Blonde Bomber, sparked controversy whenever she would show up for weigh-ins in lingerie. Whether her approach was seen as distasteful didn’t matter, as she ultimately brought attention to the sport.

It also helped her find success on OnlyFans. How convenient! There she shares steamy photos but also offers footage and pics from her training sessions.

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Brittney Palmer

Palmer is technically not an athlete, but as UFC ring girl, she has become one of the organization’s most recognizable faces. But she doesn’t just have a pretty mug.

The model is also an artist, who shows off her skills on Instagram.

Her OnlyFans page offers fans a chance to view more exclusive content from the cheeky brunette.

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Renee Gracie

Gracie, who stepped away from the sport of auto racing, made a stunning return to the sport earlier this year.

She took the wheel of her OnlyFans-branded Audi at the GT World Challenge Australia and it’s safe to say she now has a serious sponsor.

Things have definitely come full circle for Gracie.

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