'Lazy girl jobs' put workers at risk of layoffs and sacrifice long-term job progression, career expert says


According to careers expert Marc Cenedella, the recent trend of "lazy girl jobs" on TikTok could potentially jeopardize long-term career progression for employees. This trend refers to low-stress jobs that still pay well, and it gained popularity after being shared by TikToker Gabrielle Judge in May. However, as more workers started sharing their experiences in these low-key jobs, concerns arose about potential backlash from employers.

 Cenedella notes that companies are becoming aware of this trend and are actively trying to avoid having such lightweight roles within their organizations. 

Some companies are even taking measures to measure output and productivity more closely. This shift in mindset can be attributed to how employees have been treated over the years, as loyalty to employers has decreased significantly. Cenedella argues that having a "lazy girl job" may not only impact a company's bottom line but also hinder workers' own future prospects. He suggests adopting a somewhat superficial commitment to one's job and not expecting excessive loyalty from the employer. 

Rather than being emotionally invested, Cenedella advises individuals to focus on self-improvement and continuously strive to enhance their skills. By taking this approach, employees can avoid being laid off during tough times and ensure their own growth and development. 

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