How Keinemusik Became A Movement

Keinemusik, a music-creator collective from Berlin, has gained immense recognition and popularity in the dynamic world of electronic music. Their non-traditional approach to music production and style, reflected in their tongue-in-cheek name meaning "no music" in German, challenges industry norms and showcases their creative freedom. Blending elements of techno and deep house with influences from hip-hop, electronica, and afrobeat, Keinemusik has cultivated an eclectic sound that sets them apart.

As part of the Passion Economy, which empowers creators to forge unconventional careers, Keinemusik has released over 65 EPs and two albums on their own label. Their discography also includes numerous remixes, and they have performed at hundreds of live shows in more than 60 countries. This international reach is a testament to their widespread appeal.

One of the prominent members of Keinemusik is Rampa, whose real name is Gregor. While he has an electrical engineering background, his true passion has always been music. Rampa discovered his love for music during his elementary school years when he began playing the drums. At the age of 12, he delved into DJing and set up a music production space in his family's basement. During his late teens, Rampa and his friends embraced the German rave culture, organizing parties in forests and abandoned buildings.

Another integral member of the collective is André, also known as &ME. He crossed paths with Rampa while they were working as interns at a production studio. Instead of engaging in typical intern duties, they used their night shifts to experiment with the studio's professional music equipment. This experience formed the basis of a lifelong friendship between the two.

Keinemusik's journey in the music industry embodies the essence of creative freedom and the unlimited possibilities that the Passion Economy offers to creators.  

Adam Port is the third member of the trio, and similar to Reznik, and Monja Gentschow, Adam met Gregor and André through mutual friends and the shared passion for experimental electronic house music. In 2009, Keinemusik was launched.

Throughout the years, one way to distinct Keinemusik from other brands has been their signtature artwork that graces their merchandise and album covers, with every aspect of their brand designed in-house. “In the beginning, we played at clubs in Berlin, and it felt like just a small community knew who we were for a long time”, Rampa recalls. It took them some time to find their own corner in the scene, but they have since spearheaded an angle in the deep house scene that goes beyond Berlin’s signature darkness and basements to daytime beach clubs and sunset terraces.

“It’s always been our highest priority to keep the same energy. That’s why we’ve had to take it slow”. Rampa is clearly a creator and artist and sometimes speaks with an almost poetic tone. Being different with a distinct style has helped the members grow music-wise, business-wise and on social media. The Keinemusik "crue" has in the last few years gone from playing at festivals and clubs, to becoming characters in GTA 5, touring around the world, and producing the beats for the songs “Falling Back” and “A Keeper” in Drake’s album “Honestly, Nevermind”, ending up #7 of the Global 200 Billboard Charts.

Following along to catch up with the touring pace means an intense schedule. This weekend, Rampa just came from Argentina to play during Paris Fashion Week. Next week, he’s going to the Maldives. Touring can go all around the year with up to 5 shows in a week. Yet again, as society pushes to do more and go faster, Rampa likes to take things slowly. Reinforced by his social media, Rampa’s laidback style and vibe of not taking himself too seriously can be felt around both him and the other KM members.

The collective’s sets often display a huge cloud and peace sign above Rampa’s green hat, Adam’s ice hockey jersey, and &ME’s curly hair-bucket hat while in the booth. The vibe is often more sunset rays rather than dark shadows, and the energy at a Keinemusik show can be felt as far as sound waves go.

Aside from selling their own merch, the Keinemusik members have ties to the Berlin clothing brand Civilist and TEILE, a hardware startup founded by Rampa. The startup makes products designed specifically for DJ purposes, such as custom-built analog effects, big speakers, and DJ-related gadgets. It’s a display of Rampa’s attention to detail and love for studio gear, and the product range encourages immersion in rhythmic explorations. Similar to Drake’s label OVO (October’s Very Own), Keinemusik has carved out a distinguished brand in its field, and this creative cosmos has captivated fans and resulted in a multitude of productions and collaboration projects.

“I think people started liking us because we really did our own thing, not trying to be anybody else”. Rampa describes his way of operating as ”less is usually more”, an approach that goes hand-in-hand with taking it slow.

Through Keinemusik’s mark of light colors and daytime sessions in an otherwise darker electronic music scene, they’re likely part of shaping the future of music and the passion economy.

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