According to a recent report by Gartner, job candidates have been retracting their acceptance of job offers even before their start date. The report found that 50% of the candidates who accepted a job offer within the past year backed out before actually starting the job. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 35% of job seekers received four or more offers during their last job search.

Interestingly, after accepting a job, 47% of candidates stated that they were still open to other job opportunities, while 42% believed that they could find a better job if they continued their search. The report highlighted that nearly 90% of candidates have left a hiring process due to mismatched employee value proposition preferences. These preferences included factors such as compensation and benefits, flexibility in working hours, career development opportunities, team diversity, and management style.

When choosing a job offer, 59% of candidates said they accepted it partly because of greater flexibility in terms of when or where they work. Other factors that influenced their decision included better work-life balance (45%) and higher compensation (40%).

The report also emphasized the competitiveness of the talent market, with 59% of HR leaders expecting an increase in competition for talent in the next three months. Many candidates seem to be remaining uncommitted to their new employers and keeping one foot in the job market.

Another interesting finding from the survey was that 68% of respondents expect to see salary information in job postings, and 64% said they are more likely to apply to a job that lists compensation in the job description. Additionally, 44% of candidates decided against applying for a job because the salary information was not included in the job description.

The report was based on a survey of 3,500 job candidates conducted by Gartner in May.  

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