The Baltimore-Columbia-Towson area of Maryland posted the lowest jobless rate in June, 1.7%, among large US metro areas with 1 million or more in population, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise area in Nevada posted the highest rate at 6.0%.

Baltimore’s 1.7% jobless rate meant it also ranked as the lowest among metro areas of all sizes, though it was tied with four other areas recording the same rate — California-Lexington Park, Maryland; Manchester, New Hampshire; Portsmouth, New Hampshire-Maine; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Maryland Department of Labor on July 21 reported the state experienced a fifth consecutive month of record low unemployment in June. The state gained 4,700 jobs in June, and the state unemployment rate fell to 2.0%. The sector that added the most jobs in June, 3,900, was the mining, logging, and construction sectors.

Meanwhile, according to the BLS data released today, El Centro, California, posted the highest unemployment rate among metro areas of all sizes at 16.9%.

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