AI can't replace writers but its use will become common practice, claims author

 Crime writer Ajay Chowdhury says the future of AI will be so common, it will be like using spell-check.

“I could see a future, I’m not very pleased about that future, where an Agatha Christie or a Poirot could be written by AI,” he told TalkTV contributor Rosanna Lockwood. “One thing AI cannot do is create empathy, it cannot create lovable characters, real characters. “The AI could come up with a plot and indeed, occasionally if I’m stuck, I’ll go to the AI and ask it for ideas and I might actually use those some of those ideas but it’ll never actually create a great character.”
Artificial Intelligence could be the next best-selling author, says TalkTV contributor Rosanna Lockwood. According to Ms. Lockwood, AI has been used by crime author Ajay Chowdhury to “help shape his latest plot”. The author’s use of this technology to create his newest novel has sparked a fierce debate over concerns of originality, creativity, and ownership.

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