7 companies hiring now that will let you work from anywhere—some jobs pay over $100,000


According to recent research from FlexJobs, fields such as marketing, tech, and video game design continue to provide significant remote and flexible job opportunities. This trend, which has been observed since the beginning of the pandemic, has led to increased options for individuals seeking to work from anywhere in the world. The demand for remote work has also expanded in education and bilingual-focused careers. In work-from-anywhere jobs, employees have the flexibility to work 100% remotely, regardless of their location or time zone.

While some companies are requiring employees to return to the office, employers in marketing, tech, and video game design, among others, are doubling down on remote work models. FlexJobs has identified the top companies currently hiring for work-from-anywhere jobs by analyzing its database and finding those with the highest volume of remote and location-flexible job postings between January and June 2023. These companies offer both full-time and part-time remote positions without any location restrictions or mandatory office attendance.

Here are seven companies highlighted by FlexJobs with a significant number of work-from-anywhere job postings: The Wikimedia Foundation, Invisible Technologies, Cash App, Yodo1, Finixio, Chainlink Labs, and Magic Media & Entertainment Group. These companies are actively embracing remote work and offering opportunities to work from anywhere.

The growing demand for work-from-anywhere jobs is driven by the increasing desire for flexibility among working professionals. According to Flexa Careers, the share of job seekers interested in such roles rose from 80% in April to 88% in June. This is the most substantial increase since the company began tracking this data last year.

Many work-from-anywhere positions also come with attractive salaries. For instance, a senior site reliability engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation can expect a salary range of $105,309 to $163,646. Similarly, a payment operations manager at Cash App offers a minimum salary of $156,400 to $184,100, depending on the employee's home base.

By offering location-flexible jobs, many companies on FlexJobs's list have successfully attracted top talent from around the world. The Wikimedia Foundation, for example, reports that roughly half of its staff members are situated outside of the United States. Invisible Technologies proudly claims to have employees on six continents, showcasing the global reach of remote work opportunities.  

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