What annual salary would make you feel financially secure? Here's what Americans said

Americans say they would need to earn, on average, $233,000 a year to feel financially secure and $483,000 a year to feel rich, according to a new survey from Bankrate.

Both numbers are significantly higher than the average earnings of a full-time, year-round worker in 2021, which according to the Census Bureau was about $75,000.

Personal finances are another factor in Americans' financial security, or lack thereof.

According to the survey, about 2 in 5 people blamed insufficient retirement funds and emergency funds as factors keeping them from feeling financially secure. Another 26% pointed to high or revolving debt and 25% blamed housing affordability or renting a living space instead of owning.

The grass is always greener?

Another takeaway from the survey is that the more money Americans make a year, the more they need to feel both comfortable and rich.

Those making less than $50,000 a year say they'd feel financially secure or comfortable making about $184,000 annually.

Meanwhile, Americans who currently make $100,000 a year or more say they'd need to earn about $341,000 a year to feel financially secure.

Why do people that make more money, need more money to feel financially secure? According to the survey, people may be adjusting their standard of living along with their salary.

When asked in which category you would increase your discretionary spending if you got a pay increase, 32% of Americans said they would book a vacation or travel and 30% said they would update their home.

According to the survey, only 28% of Americans say they are completely financially secure, compared to 72% who say they are not.

The current economic climate is a factor keeping Americans from feeling financially secure. The survey shows 63% of respondents said high inflation is keeping them from being financially comfortable or secure, while 48% blamed the economic environment more broadly and 36% cited rising interest rates.

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