There are 4 reasons why jobs are disappearing — but AI isn't one of them


According to a recent report by HSBC, there are more significant factors contributing to job losses than artificial intelligence (AI). 

The report highlights slower economic growth, a rising cost of living, a supply chain crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic as the main reasons for job displacement. Interestingly, the report also cites data from the World Economic Forum, stating that over 50% of surveyed companies believe that new technologies, including AI, will actually create jobs rather than destroy them. 

Furthermore, a separate survey by Microsoft suggests that workers are generally comfortable with AI assuming certain tasks, but they are not in favor of complete job replacement. However, around 25% of HSBC's respondents still believe that AI will result in job losses, and there have been instances of workers already being replaced by AI.

 Instead of focusing solely on the potential job losses caused by AI, it is important to consider the quality and nature of the jobs that AI will create in the future. 

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