'I was sacked from 9-5 job after work colleague exposed my sexy snaps to boss'

 A content creator revealed on Instagram how her boss terminated her work contract after discovering her OnlyFans.

Daniella Motta was on holiday when she was informed her colleague had leaked her racy photos to her boss.

The 21-year-old Brazilian claimed she was forced to resign from her role at a digital company after her side job came to light.

She said: "I found out my photos had been leaked through a friend who was also an employee.

"My colleague sent me a message letting me know while I was still on vacation.

"The company only took measures 16 days after the incident, no one was penalized.

"I was called by my boss to talk just two days before my holiday ended."

Daniella Motta
She was gutted her sexy snaps were exposed RELATED ARTICLE

Daniella claimed the photos were leaked by the employee who had signed up for her platforms.

At her old job as a salesperson for the company's digital channel, the content creator only earned around $393 (£309).

Now the influencer hopes to take legal action against her company for the matter.

She claimed: "I consider myself to have been fired and they blame the victim, which in this case is me.

"I felt discriminated against by my boss who fired me for my OnlyFans page.

"She said it was my fault the contents were leaked and that I wanted to expose myself."

Daniella Motta
The 21-year-old wasn't expecting her OnlyFans to be exposed 
Daniella Motta
The Brazilian in her work uniform 

Following the incident, an employee, the same one who warned the influencer about the content, supported her.

Sadly this isn't the first time a woman faced a sacking from her day job after her OnlyFans page came to light.

Previously, Kirsten Vaughn was fired from her mechanic job after her colleagues started watching her content at work.

The 27-year-old, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, US, lost her job at Don Ayes Honda dealership in 2020.

She was let go just a month after creating her account on the platform.

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