DoorDash offers hourly earning option to drivers

 DoorDash, the food delivery service popularly used among gig workers, is allowing Dashers to earn their pay by the hour.

The company announced a series of updates on Wednesday for the food delivery drivers to include new location sharing features, earning money by the hour or per offer, and keeping 100% of the tips.

Starting next month, food delivery app workers in New York City, who work for DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats will get pay raises, according to an announcement by Mayor Eric Adams. An estimated 60,000 food delivery workers in Manhattan will see their pay increase from $7.09 per hour to $17.96 per hour, and $19.96 April 2025.

New ways to earn

Dashers will have the option to earn money by receiving a guaranteed hourly minimum rate that starts the moment they accept an offer until it’s dropped off, and 100% of tips, or they can continue to earn per offer.

The hourly minimum rate is set by the city the Dasher lives in and they can decline up to one offer per hour when they earn by time.

The company also introduced "Dash Along the Way" to allow Dashers to select where they want to start receiving Dashing offers, and post-checkout tipping to enable customers to add or increase an existing tip.

Location sharing

In addition to its real-time safety alerts and SafeChat, which helps reports unsafe customer interactions, the company launched a location sharing feature.

DoorDash drivers can share their real-time location with up to five trusted contacts. It allows contacts to track their loved one and see if they are still in the process of a delivery, if it has ended, or if they need emergency assistance.

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