AI could supercharge the Gen Z takeover


In the coming years, ChatGPT is unlikely to take over your job, but it's possible that a Gen Zer equipped with AI technology might. Meet AJ Eckstein, a 24-year-old consultant at a Fortune 500 company who relies on artificial intelligence tools to enhance his productivity. Whether it's drafting emails or adjusting their tone to be more friendly, AI has made Eckstein more efficient at work. 

However, the true advantage of AI for him is the ability to focus on the work he is passionate about, such as meeting clients, while delegating other tasks to AI. Eckstein is not alone in utilizing AI tools to excel at work. Gen Zers, the newest members of the workforce, are embracing AI more readily than any other age group. This could give them a significant advantage there, especially as generative AI is predicted to impact millions of jobs. The key is not to be replaced by AI but to have the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize AI technology. 

As younger generations display a stronger willingness to experiment with AI, they might reap the benefits and outpace older generations. Prior to the launch of ChatGPT, younger generations already had more comfort with AI advancements. This puts Gen Z in an advantageous position to capitalize on the AI boom, as older workers have historically struggled with technological revolutions.

 Along with email assistance, Eckstein relies on ChatGPT and other chatbots for tasks like competitor research, case study analyses, and market inquiries. Gen Zers like Lais Silva, a content manager, have also started depending on ChatGPT for research purposes, finding it faster and more efficient than traditional methods. Similarly, Morgan Young, a project-management intern, utilizes chatbots for brainstorming sessions, posing questions, and seeking insights on user engagement and product development. 

This experimentation with AI is expected to enhance their skills and capabilities in their respective roles. However, it's important to note that older generations might still have an advantage due to their experience, provided they are to learning and adopting AI tools. Gen Z's potential success in the AI era is not guaranteed because certain industries might witness job reductions due to AI. The increased ease of writing and coding brought about by AI could also intensify competition in these areas. 

Nevertheless, Columbia professor Oded Netzer believes that older workers can learn and apply AI tools, but Gen Z is likely to emerge victorious, as they have a history of adopting and adapting to new technologies more rapidly than previous generations. 

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