This AI-based gig will be ‘the biggest new side hustle,’ says expert—and it can pay $100 per hour


ChatGPT, a generative AI bot, has become incredibly popular since its release in November 2022, boasting over 100 million users according to investment bank UBS. The bot is versatile and capable, able to answer questions, generate written content such as essays and emails, summarize text, and even create resumes. 

Its functionality has led many employers to seek out freelancers who can utilize the AI bot to create content such as blog posts, podcasts, LinkedIn, or social media posts. Angelique Rewers, the founder of BoldHaus, suggests using an "AI content assistant" to help with creating written content, which involves taking the audio from events or presentations and inputting it into a transcription service before providing the most relevant text to ChatGPT to generate the requested content. 

This kind of side hustle can net between $20 to $100 per hour by offering services on sites like Upwork or Fiverr or adding the skill to a LinkedIn profile. ChatGPT is expected to continue growing in popularity, making AI content assistance a viable option for those eager to earn a side income using their tech and language skills. 

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