Remote workers are earning almost $8,600 more on average than their in-office peers—but it’s coming at a cost

Working from home is becoming increasingly attractive to American workers for many reasons, with earning an average of $8,553, or.% more per year than in-office counterparts being a significant factor. An analysis of 30 remote-capable jobs conducted by Ringover found that even hybrid workers earned 9.6% more than their in-office colleagues. 

However, it’s important to note that while remote workers may earn more, their in-office counterparts may have the upper hand when it comes to making connections and receiving critical feedback.

 Some of the industries with the highest salary increases for remote workers include office managers and public relations managers, while junior web developers and a few other in-office positions earn more than their remote. 

One reason for the salary disparity could be that companies are passing on the savings from reducing their real estate footprint to their workers. Along with various perks, remote work also has its drawbacks such as missing out on mentoring and collaboration opportunities.

 Despite this, many workers would rather maintain their flexibility and take a pay cut than work in an office. It remains to be seen how consistently using remote capability as a means of negotiating lower salaries could impact the growing trend of remote work. 

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