Barack Obama shares his No. 1 piece of career advice for Gen Z: ‘Just learn how to get stuff done’


According to former President Barack Obama, improving your problem-solving skills is the key to a successful career. Regardless of the economic disruptions, such as the pandemic, artificial intelligence, or climate change, being adaptable and resourceful will make you an indispensable employee. 

This advice is especially relevant for Gen Z workers who have faced fractured or remote work environments during the pandemic. Obama advises young people to focus on the ability to get things done. Rather than just describing problems, individuals need to be proactive and take responsibility for solving them. 

Displaying a "can-do" attitude will help build stronger relationships and managers. This sentiment echoes advice from Bill Gates who encourages individuals to gravitate towards work that solves big problems in order to infuse life with a stronger sense of purpose. Ultimately, according to Obama, taking a proactive approach toward completing assigned tasks is the best way to demonstrate value as an employee. 

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