Avoid telling new grads these 4 common things

It's graduation season, and you may be eager to impart some wisdom to new graduates entering the workforce. However, what worked for past generations may not apply today, especially with the job market being one since the 2008 financial crisis. Harvard Business School Executive Fellow and former Shark Tank shark, Matt Higgins, warns that outdated advice could hinder a new grad's chance of success. Here are four tips you should avoid giving:

1. HAVE SOMETHING TO FALL BACK ON: While having a backup plan sounds like a safe idea, it can reduce motivation and impact the initial plan's potential. It's better to encourage grads to take big swings in life and find their passion, as they have time to course-correct. 

2. CUT DOWN ON YOUR SCREEN TIME: While 10-hour video-game marathons may not lead to career success, understanding AI is essential. Encourage new grads to experiment with new tools online, as this will provide a competitive edge in the workforce. 

3. DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF: Anxiety, in moderation, can be harnessed to motivate one to work harder. Don't extinguish all anxiety, as it's a natural response when doing hard, uncomfortable things. 

4. GO WORK FOR A BIG COMPANY: Working for a large company doesn't guarantee job stability, and AI is changing the landscape. New grads should go for the right role that aligns with their interests and skills, even if it's in a smaller, scrappier company, which is more likely to foster innovation, growth, and job creation. 

Overall, adults' messaging to new grads needs to be more open-minded, encouraging them to pursue their passions and create unexpected successes. 

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