These are the most popular internships Gen Z is looking for—tech isn’t No. 1

As graduation season approaches, more individuals are considering taking internships after college, according to new data. A 1,850% increase in search interest for the question "Can you do internships after graduation?" was observed between January 2021 and March 2023, based on Google search data from Semrush provided to CNBC Make It.

 The surge in internship searches can be attributed to the impact of the pandemic on entry-level jobs, which were hit the hardest. As a result, new graduates may have resorted to internships as a stepping stone in a challenging job market. The surge in internship searches continues, suggesting that the job market is still uncertain for some of the youngest workers. 

Recent reports from Handshake show that the class of 2023 is concerned about job stability and financial security in light of the current job market, where some sectors are experiencing labor shortages, and major layoffs are becoming increasingly common. Consequently, more individuals are considering jobs in less volatile sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and banking. The top 10 most searched-for intern roles from January 2021 to March 2023 include accountant, graphic designer, mechanical engineer, psychologist, engineer, data analyst, electrical engineer, social worker, civil engineer, and nurse internships. 

The pandemic may have also encouraged professionals to consider nontraditional roles outside the office, with forensic science technician and barber internships experiencing the fastest-growing search interest since the early days of the pandemic, according to Semrush data. The new generation of workers is looking for more flexible job conditions and minimal human interaction.

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